fredag 30 augusti 2013

English, Aug 30

After my introduction, choose the novels you want to read during the course. You can choose more than one. Based on your choices, I will decide which novels I will use.

Public schools

Lesson goal: gaining a basic knowledge about Public schools in England!



Compare your answers to the questions with your desk mate!
Ask me for clarification!

This is a link to the lyrics for the Eton Gangnam Style video
This is a link to the Glossary page of Eton College's homepage


- Choose three words from the Glossary page above
- Copy the word and the explanation to your own "Glossary"
- Write a short reflection about why you chose the word and what you feel it says about life at Eton College



End-of-term examinations

Trials means "test" or "examination" in Swedish too. But it also means "vedermödor, svårigheter" and even "rättegångar", so when they choose to use this word about their final tests, I think it says something about the importance of them. What happens to boys who don't pass their tests you wonder, when the expectations of what you're going to do with your life is so very high. It also makes me think that the tests are very difficult.

Article about "Old boys network"

torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Samhällskunskap 29/8

1) Välj Källkritik och läs igenom avsnitten Kvarleva och berättelse, Äkthet, Närhet i tid, Beroende och Tendens.Gör övningarna (Inte den sista eftersom en länk är död)

2) Tänk dig att du vill undersöka någon aspekt av brottsligheten i Sverige. Granska källkritiskt med hjälp av frågorna i lathunden  webbsidorna a och b.

Lathund för källkritik på nätet (Kolla källan)



Källkritik enligt Mediakompass (TU)

Källkritik - hitta korrekt information på nätet. En film från

måndag 26 augusti 2013

English, Aug 26 (day before pay-day!) - Course plan

Engelska 6

Läs om det centrala innehållet och kunskapskraven och notera sedan:

Detta innehållet verkar intressant:
Detta verkar svårt:
Vad betyder:

Work by yourselves first (while reading and taking notes). We'll discuss later. You may listen music if you like!

fredag 23 augusti 2013

Startsida elever

English - introduction 23/8

Aim of class:

Start talking English again
Listening and learning
Create new folders for English class

Speed Dating

You're going to get a chance to talk to some of your class mates for a few minutes each. Half the class will sit down and the other half will do the rounds. Each sit-down is for four minutes.
  • Use a greeting phrase at first
  • Talk about any of the following questions:
    • What movies (TV series/ albums) are you looking forward to this fall?
    • What was the best day of your summer?
    • How has the first week of school been for you?
  • Keep the conversation going
Listening and Learning

We will listen to the clip below together

1. Write a short summary of what you understood
2. Work in groups of four (watch the chart below) and compare your summaries. Ask yourselves questions. What did you hear?
3. Listen to the clip again
4. Write a summary together

Building a glossary

Last but not least - listen to the clip by yourself and write down ten useful words (check the spelling). You will collect words during the year so make a special document for this.

Create new English folders

1. Use the login information Karolina gave you and log into your new account
2. Create a folder and name it: "yourname - English 6"



André D
Oscar A

André H




måndag 19 augusti 2013

Vecka 34 (första veckan)

Första veckan inga lektioner i individuellt val eller moderna språk! Alltså ingen danska 2 i eftermiddag!

måndag 12 augusti 2013

Höstterminen 2013

Varmt välkomna tillbaka till skolan!

Höstterminen 2013 börjar måndagen 19/8

Schema måndag 19/8
09.00 Upprop i aulan (A408)
ca 09.30 Samling i sal A213 för information
ca 12.00 Lunch
13.10 Lektion i svenska i sal A312
14.45 Lektion i danska 2 i sal B117

Ta med nyladdade datorer, vässade pennor och nya anteckningsblock!

Schema BG12B

Back to fun school. Fri att använda
PS. Grattis till er som klarade sommarskolan och fick godkänt i matte :)