onsdag 13 november 2013

Wednesday: English/ Social Studies

On Friday you will be telling your group mates about your findings so far. The purpose of this is:

- To practise talking about your subject in English
- To hear the kinds of comparisons and reasonings that others make
- To get feedback and suggestions from others

Here are linking words that will help you!

These are the groups:

Tobias, Oscar, Ida, Felicia and Artin (Police force in African countries)
André D, Anna, Martin and Elena (Police force)
Jonas, Alex Å, Besfort, and Michelle (Police and Armed forces)

Linn, Niklas, Micaela, and André H (Prisons and Paramedics)
Cassandra, Fanny, Mohammed, Mikolaj and Shadi (Customs and Coast Guard)

My study hour on Nov 21 will be dedicated to helping you with your performances. I have sent emails to the people I want there, but everyone is welcome!

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