fredag 2 maj 2014

Advice and exercises for NP

Knowledge needs interaction to truly grow! (otherwise it's just your own thoughts and your own knowledge bopping around inside your own head)


Exercise One

By yourself, write down your answers to the questions in the Preparation Material in proper English, check phrasing, vocabulary, grammar and spelling. (Some of you may already have done this part!:)

In pairs, show your answers to each other and discuss phrasing, vocabulary, grammar and spelling. Discuss and compare different ways of phrasing your message.

Together, try to say the same thing in different ways, using different vocabulary and different word order, and discuss the effects of the different choices.

It is better to answer only a few of the questions and discuss and work on the language a lot, rather than writing down all the answers and skimming through the discussion part.

Exercise Two

My colleague gave this exercise to her students.

The exercise consists of sentences that contain mistakes. The number of mistakes in each sentence is given within parenthesis.

Discuss the sentences together and, based on your knowledge of grammar, try to correct them.

You find the exercise here
You find the key here

Good luck on the test and have a wonderful practise period!!

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