onsdag 19 mars 2014

Kunskapskrav inför debattuppgiften i engelska

The knowledge demands below are the same as for the oral presentations you did in English/Social Studies. The only thing missing is the last one about English-speaking countries which isn't covered in this task.

Looking at the response you got on the speeches is a good idea. Also, read the evaluations you wrote for Karolina because there are probably plenty of things you reflected on that will be useful to you now.

On Friday, we will have to consider how much time we need to practise and prepare. My suggestion is as follows below. Please read and consider until Friday.

Monday March 24: 
Focus on knowledge demands and advice on how to prepare
Friday March 28: 
Work in your groups: (choose your four main arguments, speaker order, brainstorming on tactics) Homework: each person prepares a more detailed suggestion to present to the group)
Monday  March 31: 
Work in groups: focus on possible rebuttal strategies (Homework: finish preparing your part of the speech)
Friday April 4:
Do mock-ups in the groups - time yourselves - give each other help and suggestions on how to improve your arguments
Monday April 7:
Final preparations
Friday April 11:
The Big Day

Eleven kan välja och använda strategier för att söka relevant information och värdera olika källors tillförlitlighet*
*med viss säkerhet

*med viss säkerhet

*med säkerhet
I muntliga framställningar i olika genrer kan eleven formulera sig* varierat, tydligt och* strukturerat.

Eleven kan även formulera sig med flyt och* anpassning till syfte, mottagare och situation.

Eleven bearbetar, och gör* förbättringar av, egna framställningar.


* viss



* viss

* välgrundade


med anpassning

*välgrundade och nyanserade

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